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Where's the best place to advertise my Fiverr?


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In the music/audio sector.

I thought, “Hey, I’m in a community with a lot of musicians! I can share it there!” and then I realized that they’re…musicians…who probably don’t need me xD

Then, there’s my own personal connections which consists of only my personal friends and family members who aren’t really in the world of music that much…so yeah.

How did you get word out about your Fiverr?

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I apply the following method, which works with any social media (for me LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc …) and any niche:

  • Find your target customers, individuals, groups, (who will buy my service?)
  • Follow them, interact with them, make posts that interest them and that makes them subscribe or follow you
  • Insert your Fiverr links on your posts

The bigger your audience, the better this method will work.

(For me about 12% of my Fiverr customers are found like this, but I’m changing my method and bringing my “finds” to my own Website, rather than to Fiverr …, because I have moaned when a customer that I had found finally bought from another seller “recommended” by Fiverr under my Gig! 😠)

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Honestly I haven’t.

This is the issue with music and really all grass- roots marketing. it used to be that only a few people were actively doing anything but drink & watch TV outside of their 9-5. This made putting a note somewhere (like the local grocery) that you made doodads pretty effective.

Now, seeing everyone is a self-appointed Pro in everything from crocheting to third-stage nuclear launch systems, it is very hard to find any place where you can effectively put up a note and stand out.

Worse, every craft has been overtaken with endless sites like artgrope that claim to get you pro-ness by the download and we have been replaced in the minds of just about everyone as downloading Stock that is guaranteed to look vacuously perfect for $x per month is hard to beat - until you meet people who a) don’t want to appear vacuous and b) are prepared to go to some effort to do that.


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