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Promoted gigs not promotable anymore message showing unqualified


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On 3/23/2021 at 10:09 PM, farooq_arshad said:

Hi Everyone,

I Hope Everyone is Doing Well.

I Resolved this Issue Somehow It Started on 3 March and Ended On 19 March for me

What i Did That i think Worked for me

  1. First I Didn’t Changed Anything in My gigs Not even a Single word Nothing

  2. I Stayed Active For Almost All Days Every Day

  3. I Contacted Most of my Old Clients for work So I got the work Within these days I Get 10+ Orders and Get 5 Star Reviews On them Based on My Quality of work

So As per my Understanding 3rd Point was the point that helped me to get out of this Situation

You Have to Get Orders and Get 5 Stars Almost 1 or 2 Daily if someone has any questions feel free to ask me

Thank You


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Hello !
Have you had this situation multitimes ?

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reply from Fiverr CS.


I understand your concern about not getting promoted even though you meet the qualifications, 
As this is the case, it appears that you do not meet the additional quality metrics. 
Please know that this is handled by the relevant team and that we do not have insight into and we cannot share those metrics as they are internal. 

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On 3/16/2021 at 4:10 AM, umarmeee said:

I was offered this feature to promote my gigs, I used that feature and got many orders but then one day i received notification that gigs cannot be promoted anymore. Does anyone know cause of this problem and how to solve it or how long does it take to get solved.

Finally what decision you come to end.

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Hello all, hope you all will be good!

Well I got message from fiverr that my gig is unqualified for promotion last month. But today fiverr deducted 88USD from my account saying PROMOTION GIG EXPENSES.... What should I do??? why is it so??/

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13 hours ago, ruhulamin033 said:

I fill out the full matrix of fiber that requires a fiber platform but still being picked up with my promoted. I am very disappointed with this.
Does anyone have a solution? Today my promoted has been removed for two long months.


same issue bro, I contacted CS but they said you will get it back when you are qualified again, have you received any negative review?

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