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Tips to write effective buyer requests? Tips and tricks to get orders from buyer requests

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I hope you are really done a good job for everyone, I really appreciate it but you have a misconception about Robot and greetings below the first line of your remembering.

  • If you think buyer and seller is one then why misconceptions?
  • If you think only one type of product is available on the Fiverr freelance marketplace, then why misconceptions?
  • If you think if you have done an MBA degree then it doesn’t mean having an Engineering degree will not understand your English communication language, then why misconception?
  • If you think the Israel language is different from any other country language like American language, Indian Language, then why misconception?

Everyone knows International English is the only language in which we communicate, response equally with others and finds & share our feelings and understand what we speak, tell, say.

Remove your misconception that Robot only says “Hi, hope you are doing great”.

You do have lots of mistakes, still, it will be very lengthy, but I will not repeat it.

----- These are my opinion & and my statements are true to tactfully solved.—

------Kindly do not be serious. Just for knowledgeable facts.-- Take it as in positive sense.

-----Please do not reply ---- to this message.


Thank You!! For this information

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thanks for the tips. i already got an order right after reading this post. this post has magic. i am bookmarking it. lets have coffee some day! treat on me.

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Do not degrade the buyers even if the requests are absolutely ridiculous, you would see buyers with a budget of $5 and requirements including 10 initial concepts, a WordPress website, all the stationery items included, and would only pay if happy with the design. My advice-just ignore these types of buyers, in fact, stay as far away as possible.

Yes You are right 100%

Sarah is absolutely correct here. Staying away is the best antidote to toxic buyers

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