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Tips to write effective buyer requests? Tips and tricks to get orders from buyer requests

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Few years ago I used to see tons of requests. Now refreshing all day It’s lucky too see some request but seems to be lower quality buyers. Question is, does level 1,2 see them before anyone else, if none has taken the offer does it go to new sellers ?

I hit L1 few days ago and while initially I thought, oh wow all these extra BR, I DO NOT believe that I get a single BR that I wasn’t getting before, they just don’t disappear in 30 seconds, they lie around stinking up the place for ages.

I still find they appear about the same times as they did before being Levelled Legend so no on the appearing constantly thing.


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Buyer requests are your friend through thick and thin, when your gig is not ranking on any keyword or you are not getting any orders automatically then these 10 daily requests are your best friends.

As I have been saying in my previous posts as well, I am not that much a successful seller on Fiverr, I just have around almost a thousand orders completed and around 680+ reviews but I can’t consider myself successful, but here are some of my tips that might help you in sending your buyer requests, if you find these helpful please apply these in your future buyer requests and write a comment down below if you get an order after following these tips.

So let us begin.

Parts of Your Buyer Requests:

  1. Greetings: Don’t be a robot and must greet them by saying, Hi, hope you are doing great. I mean would you just get straight to business with someone you meet for the first time in real life? Then please do greet first( up to you).

  2. Answer any questions asked in the requests: By answering the questions they have asked in their project description you grab their attention. Your focus is more service and help orientated this way.

  3. Analyze their requirements as per your technical expertise and give them solutions to the problems.

  4. Try to provide your ideas on how you propose to solve their problems.

General Do’s and Dont’s

• It is advised to address the buyer by their names, so you have to be smart to judge their names from the usernames e.g. if the username is ‘mikecq32’ then you should address the buyer by ‘Hi Mike’.

• Read the requirements in detail, don’t answer like a robot, try to provide solutions, try to find that one line that you can use to establish a connection with them, e.g. if the buyer writes about their dog and attaches a picture of their dog, try to comment something nice about the dog in the very first line of your request, this would help you establish a connection with the buyer, and make you stand out from all the other robot sellers.

• Let me get this thing straight right now, never ever address a potential client by ‘Hello dear’, I just shut down any conversation starting from hello dear, same is the case with most of the buyers out there. This is one of the most hated words in the freelance world. Seriously just stop saying dear.

• Do not address them as Sir/Madam/Boss, gender identification is a sensitive subject, please do not try to be insensitive, try not to address the buyer as sir or madam, use their names instead.

• Do not, I repeat do not use a template to send offers, as I said above read the request and reply as per the scenario, be smart, be tactful, you will see that before you even open the request 180-300 people might have already sent their requests to the buyer, so be tactful, try to stand out from the competition with your unique offers.

• Try to make them realize that you are the perfect person for this job by making them realize that you care about their business, if they have asked a question in their request, try to answer it in the opening line of your offer.

• Try not to overvalue your offer. I would recommend keeping your offer price as close to their budget as possible, e.g. if their budget is $50, try to offer $46 or $51.

• Do not pick a request that has a very low budget or a budget you are uncomfortable working with, similarly as a beginner you must realize that anyone with a budget of more than $100 would most likely not work with a new seller, so roundabout budgets of $25-$80 are your target. You can go lower as well if it is okay for you.

• Do not degrade the buyers even if the requests are absolutely ridiculous, you would see buyers with a budget of $5 and requirements including 10 initial concepts, a WordPress website, all the stationery items included, and would only pay if happy with the design. My advice-just ignore these types of buyers, in fact, stay as far away as possible.

• Last but not least, if they have an attachment, must review it before writing your offer. If it is a ppt then go through that. You would find way more specific things to write just by reviewing the attachments.

Thank you very much for your tips…it is really amazing.

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so you have to be smart to judge their names from the usernames e.g. if the username is ‘mikecq32’ then you should address the buyer by ‘Hi Mike’.

Not necessarily true…

What if you accidentally assume the wrong name? That’ll sound really unprofessional.

I would only greet them by their name if they specifically say what their name is.

Your suggest is best I must be flow it.

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