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Impressions but no clicks


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Hi All,

First time here in the forum, I am also relatively new at selling on Fiverr. I wondered about the rate of impressions to clicks. If my gig is lower down the totem pole because the ratio is a bit off at the moment, it has many impressions and very few clicks, especially in the past thirty days. I wondered if you get penalised for views on your gigs that don’t receive many clicks.

This is my gig, https://www.fiverr.com/jmolloy732/write-informative-engaging-articles-or-blog-posts-for-you, and if anyone had any tips to improve it, I would be very grateful.

Any advice would be great.



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@jmolloy732, First of all, I think you should have attractive images for the gig. A short video of up to 75 seconds and less than 50MB size will help you get some clicks and then turn into orders if your gig has a well-written description and pricing as well. I hope this will. Any questions? Feel free to ask, this a superb platform to discuss and all the members of this forum are very cooperative. Seniors can correct my suggestions. 🙂 Best of luck!

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