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How to remove previous work from gig page?


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Hey all,

I am wondering if anyone knows any way to remove old audio files from their gig page? I find it truly bizarre that when editing my gig page I can’t just remove them? - There’s audio in those that I’m not particularly happy about and have gotten better and grown since then. I don’t want old, poor quality work being something that new potential customers see.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I assume from what you say that these are older jobs?

Were the customers happy? I assume so looking at your stats. In which case, you are being a bit of a ninny. The work was good enough at the time and if they are at the end of a looooong list, most will not go there to look, and if they do, will probably be as comfy with them as the buyer was and/or accept that (and probably happy) that you have grown in your skills.

Otherwise, it would be like your countrymen, Simple Minds, deleting their first few records because they made shinier-sounding ones later. Very bad call overall.be proud of everything you ever did - so long as you did it to the best of your ability at that time.

Therefore leave them all as they go towards your depth of experience and happy customers over time.


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