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Gig rank check and factors


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I am a new seller on Fiverr. I have checked my gig impressions, click, graphs, etc. Everything is good till now. Impressions are changing day by day, ( ups and down). Clicks are very low like 1-3 per day. I think, this is not good. How can i know my gigs are doing well? I don’t know how to check gig rank. Can anyone explain to me how to check gig rank?
Thank you

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Well…you do know this is NOT Google, right?

There really is no such thing as Gig Ranking.

There is something called Gig Rotation and Fiverr uses this to “rotate” Gigs.

This impacts your clicks/impressions as Fiverr moves Gigs around to make it fair for all Sellers to get some exposure.

I get anywhere from 1 to 30 impressions a day, depending on whether my Gigs have been “rotated” or not.

I still get work.

Don’t let the impression/click stats worry you.

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