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Dealing with problematic Buyer


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Hi Everyone,

It’s my first time dealing with a problematic buyer and I hope someone can give me advice :pray:t2:

Background: Buyer reached out to get a 4 page brochure designed, very important: the pdf should have interactive links. No problem, I delivered the order she was happy and left a great review. Then late last night she started acting out saying the links only work if she sends it as an email but not when she texts it to someone or she uploads it somewhere and started writing in all caps that I SHOULD FIGURE THAT OUT FOR HER. I gave her some advice but nicely explained that’s out of what our order was supposed to be for, basically it’s not my job to help her, nor did she pay me to update her website and social media lol. (She did not understand that). Btw: I triple checked and the links DO work.

Now the issue I hve: right after she accepted said order and she was happy with it she placed a second one. With all the issues yesterday I asked her if she wanted to cancel that order but she wants me to finish it…

Now I’m concerned she’ll give me a bad review cause she honestly was being a real *****. What should I do? Can I just cancel the order without her agreeing to it? What are my options here?

Thank you so much!

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