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Hello, everyone. I'm new in Fiverr


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Try this strategy when you are making new gig @rowshana_begum

Fiverr Keywords Keywords are well-known when we talk about any algorithm. Fiverr scans all the data they find on your gigs but also on your profile. This then determined what type of services you offer. Fiverr is then able to rank you in those specific keywords. Keywords on Fiverr appear almost everywhere. In your gig title, description, pricing, and profile. Fiverr then uses this data to rank you for specific keywords it finds in these areas. A good thing to know is that when you create a…

best of luck

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You can do

  1. Always active in fiverr
  2. Always active in fiverr forum
  3. Marketing your gig social media

I hope as soon as you gat orders

  • Always active in fiverr
  • Always active in fiverr forum

OH look! A new guy with probably no orders is giving the “always active” schpiel to newbies.

STOP giving bad advice. One CANNOT be active here always - unless they are a zombie who needs no sleep.

Being active on the forum will also NOT garner you any impressions, clicks or orders. This is the newest in a long list of dumb things someone probably told newbies to parrot on the forum or to do. The only way the forum will help you is if you take the time to READ it - USE the SEARCH function to learn about topics you want to research. Just coming here and giving bad advice or just typing drivel will not help you as a seller here.


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