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Is there any possible way I can see on an opened chat what I did offer in the past?


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Hello everyone!
Lately I’ve been sending offers of my gigs to buyers requesting some commissions and I kinda went on a rampage sending all the offers I could in the requests I could fit.
Tonight a buyer opened a chat with me asking “Can I see your work?”
Now I don’t really remember what he’s talking about and I’m wondering if there’s any way to see what I did offer to him in the past or if he’s referring to one of my gigs randomly
Thank you in advance guys!

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Yes that is a hard one at first.


Right next to the Active BR is this secretive button that lets you see what you sent.

image1228×446 54.1 KB

If I get a response from one of the sweaty masses I copy & paste their original Request and my initial Response (incl $ offer) into the conversation to ensure we are on the same plane of existence .


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