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Buyer wants refund after order marked complete for 1 month


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I have this big issue
I had this client who made 2 orders with me for a product video. For the first order we agreed to all the terms and went over the requirements. That order was for 275$. After submitting that order a month ago, he said he wanted something entirely different than what we spoke about. He said he liked it but wanted something natural so i agreed to make a second order for 65$ which would be a natural video in a home setting of me using the product. I actually gave him a significant reduced discount for a complete new video. After delivering the order he wrote to me that the video was good but lighting could have been better so I revised the lighting for him. He also provided me with positive feedback about how everything was perfect but the lighting. After revising the lighting He then came back to say that he now wants a 60% refund for both video. He said it’s not what he was looking for. I don’t understand after receiving positive feedback and giving me a second order he can say that. It feels like a scam and that he just wants the videos for free. Isn’t it against TOS to request a refund based on the quality of work? I have done everything right and went above and beyond to provide him a stunning video. I have never had this issue before. All my clients seem to love my work and he is the first after saying it was really good to now he wants a refund and wants someone else to do it. I have contacted CS but they don’t give a direct answer. I don’t want to give him a partial refund for the work and time I’ve done. I did everything correctly and did exactly as he asked for. What would you guys do in this situation ?? I have also told him I can redue the video free of charge if he told me what he didn’t like about it but kept insisting on the refund

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That is indeed in the TOS


If you have/had anything in your gig wording that indicated 100% Satisfaction the buyer can call on that and Fiverr have to refund with no questions past “were you happy”. This is why reputable sellers do all we can to remove endless revisions, satisfaction guarantees, and money back offers as they undo all sense of protection that the TOS might give.

I think you need to provide CS with clear evidence that this person is being a) unreasonable and b) coloring outside the lines of the Gig & Agreement and hope that they will side with you.


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“Delivering a Quality product video guaranteed!”

I’d remove any and all guarantees from gig pages. It seems the “lighting issue” is just an excuse to try to get off the hook for paying you.

Being open to re-doing the video free of charge is insanely generous of you and incredibly unnecessary, as it seems fairly apparent that your buyer is just trying to run off with your work for free if at all possible.

Telling the buyer cold-stop that the order has been delivered and completed as instructed and nothing further can be done is probably the best choice, but don’t be surprised if the buyer attempts a chargeback or claims it’s a fraud purchase on their credit card…

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The refund doesn’t apply here if you made everything exactly as you specified in your gig. Let’s say you offered red, sweet, big apples in your gig. Customer is not an expert in fruits, so he just wants fruits and doesn’t give further detail. There are two scenarios:

  1. You give him the red, sweet, big apples you specified in your gig.
  2. You give him green apples, pears or bananas, because he wasn’t specific enough.

Customer doesn’t like the taste of the fruits he bought. If it’s the first scenario, they can’t (or shouldn’t) be able to refund, because Fiverr ToS doesn’t allow a buyer asking for a refund just because he didn’t like the work. If it’s the second scenario, buyer can and will surely be refunded.

If you opened a ticket to CS be sure it’s always the first scenario, you adhering word by word to everything you offered in your gig. Otherwise, buyer receives a refund and possibly your cancellation rate gets affected. Always stick to what you promised in your gig description, and avoid ambiguous sentences (“guarantee” “satisfaction” etc., your gig offer is like a contract and you’re bound to it, only make promises based on objective and quantifiable factors).

And if you opened or are planning to open a ticket to CS, be careful with that “partial refund” thing the buyer is asking. Don’t make something stupid like asking for payment or communication outside of Fiverr. Some buyers may be trying to make you slip just so they can report the issue to CS and get a refund (and of course, your work if you delivered it).

Also, I would advise you stop doing work for free or by discount just because you want to satisfy a customer. This is business, not charity. Buyers will see you as an easy target to abuse. You better not trust anyone here.

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