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Umm... Hello people~ new here~


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Im an artist from philippines, I draw anime and will soon study cartoon, so drawing is my main skill I can provide service, but I’m still not professional or veteran good. I still use references to create a character, I’m also bad at color but I’m currently studying color, am I good enough to do some request? This is my first freelance account and the fact that I can earn here makes me very nervous… Nice to meet you people! Want to share some of my works, also a question, how can I add a profile picture? Thank you!

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Guest fantomsdsd

Wooohaa 😍 you are talented fellow !! you are a professional don’t doubt it

Search how to startup in fiverr forum search you will see tons of post and yeah good luck you will be a quick top rated seller if you use your skill in smart way in Fiverr 😛

I am a logo maker but IDK how do I attract buyers to buy my gig as nobody buys it. here is my gig. Pls give me some corrects on it if u can

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Welcome in this community

Tips for new seller in your successful journey in Fiverr from me. Wish you all the best.

The following tips and Tactics hope help you a lot for creating an attractive Gig: Gig videos is very helpful to enhance the Gig impression.If you are new in Fiverr then try to follow the level 1 or 2 seller Gigs to generate ideas but never copied their Gigs.First, generate 4 to 5 gigs, then monitor the impression rate regularly.To be successful, make diverse Gig based on Market demand in your area.Formulate a professional response whenever possibleDo not ask clients for positive feedback…


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