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Adding Orders Queue on Filter

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Dear Fiverr Support and all my Fiverr Colleague, I’m sorry if there is a similar post before, but I have tried to look for it and found nothing.
I just have a thought, that maybe it will be good if there is a filter on searching gig where the buyer can limit the order queue that seller handle at that moment.

So for example, buyer can filter if they want to search for a Logo Design seller which now handle an order less than 20 orders.
This will give 2 effect on my thought.

  1. Will limit the order to the seller that has a lot of order (it will help the seller to focus on all the order they have, so they will be able to deliver top quality work)
  2. Will give the opportunity to the other seller that has lower number of queue, so it will make a better balance.

Sorry if this is not good, but it just what I thought.
If you agree, maybe you can help to vote it so maybe Fiverr can help to make it become true in the next update.

Thanks and have a great day.

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