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From 2.5k impression to almost zero


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Since the past one year my gigs impressions and views are going down gradually. I have tried to improve the description several times, I have tried the upload my best work, I have lowered my prices, I using the buyers request too but Idk why I’m not getting more impressions like I used to get.

favicon-32x32.png.d66b399f734b911abc54e88c3948eb90.png Fiverr.com develop-modern-design-fully-responsive-website.jpg.b4da2cabef1f9e01c1f87981feb99129.jpg

Ali_karar: I will design minimalist and clean business website for $25 on...

For only $25, Ali_karar will design minimalist and clean business website. | I'm Ali Karar, a multidisciplinary designer. I use the human-centered approach in order to get the best results for my projects.How can I help you?If | Fiverr

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