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Signing an agreement including contact information


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A buyer is asking me to sign an agreement. I have signed agreements with my clients before, but in this agreement, the client want me to include my contact information. He told me that the other sellers have signed it including their information. He doesn’t want to continue until I sign the agreement including all the details asked. But I don’t want to risk my account and violate Fiverr’s rules and regulations. What should I do?


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Besides the contact information, what does the rest of the agreement stipulate? Why does he want you to sign an agreement in the first place?

Keep in mind that signing any agreement usually leaves you open to legal action, assuming that you break the terms of said agreement. Are you sure that’s something you want to do, all for an order on Fiverr?

Buyers are protected by the rights included within Fiverr’s Terms of Service already. With the exception of an NDA, I really don’t understand why buyers think it’s OK to try and force their contracts and/or working practices on sellers who already operate on a platform with a multitude of buyer protection policies in place.

I’d be very cautious if you’re asked to sign anything by a buyer. Run it by Customer Support as an absolute minimum, and be prepared to walk away from the work.

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