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After 22 requests and almost 200 impressions, still no order


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I don’t understand what I am doing wrong. I’ve uploaded gig pictures, tried my best to have the gigs be clear and precise.

I know I’ve been posting a lot which shows my frustration, but please bear with me and guide me in any way you can based on your freelancing experience.

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Only 22! Many report hundreds of BR before landing anything.

Right now my ratio of BR sent to jobs is 891:11 That is 81:1
That does not mean that every 81 BR I send I will get one Job. that is only the average. I could get two jobs from the next two BR I send or nothing for another 150.

If I sent fewer BR I may be able to improve that ratio, but jobs that look like they have my name all over them are rare. Over the last year BR has declined dramatically so my average that used to 55:1 is now significantly worse because most of the BR I, and most people report, seeing are not winnable or not worth winning as they ask for the impossible - or are too vague to answer with more than a can you give more info please. I pity the fools who do win those off the bat.

Be patient. Really work on your strategy. I haven’t looked at your Gig/s but most times I see people’s Gig they are so generic that only a blind drunk person would trip on them. Be something amazing - not by offering more revisions and another 246% satisfaction but by showing that your work is special in some way.


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