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Can i use my product that i made for my customer for my gig gallery?


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So recently i finished another order.

I think it will look good if i add it into my primary gallery picture (the picture has like 2-3 examples in it with some edits)

Am i allowed to do that?

UPDATE: My customer agreed to show it in my gig gallery

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I would say yes you do - unless there is some reason that doing so would damage the nature of the work or person for whom you did this work.

Under law (in any civilized country), one can always identify as the maker of a thing. Unless you sign an NDA or similar gag order, you cannot be stopped as it is a moral right. If I designed the Boeing 747 engine whilst working in their office I can’t go asking for royalties (seeing it was work for hire) but I can always say so. I can put a publicly available pic of that engine on my website and say “I did this 🙂”. So long as I do not divulge trade secrets I cannot be stopped.

Therefore if this was not ghost-work (and if it was I hope they paid you properly for the damage that being unable to show that you are working does) or not in some way damaging to be shown (like it was pervy and the person is not a showgirl) you have every right to show that you did it.

Places like Fiverr apply lots of boilerplate rules to cover themselves, even if that boilerplate defies law!

So long as it will not damage anyone, do it and the worst anyone can do is ask you to take it down and you can ask them why they are denying your moral right to a) be identified as the creator of the thing you created and b) create future income from showing your work.

Otherwise, it is like McDonald’s suing you for putting that you worked there on your resume (assuming you did that is). No court would back that.


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