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Personalised Buyer Requests and Option To Select Each Gig (Not from a Category)

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Fiverr should make the following changes.

Often I see buyer requests saying, “Please attach a sample” or something like that. The old Fiverr v1 allowed us to do this and add a personalised message and a link to our gig or gigs if many are relevant. This ensured more professional communication from Seller to Buyer and also reflected that we are taking the time to write and are indeed interested.

v2 literally made Fiverr a stupidity in terms of Buyer requests because of two reasons.

  1. I can’t send a personalised message or attach files.

  2. The Gig(s) that appear in the list to select are mostly totally irrelavant due to the buyer putting the request in the wrong category.

    I really wish that the Request and Communication system was back to what it was on Fiverr v1. I am just tired of sending random gigs to buyers (in hope that they will visit my profile) because I have no option to select my relevant gig. I think giving us the option to select from all gigs for each request will solve that in a jiffy.

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