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What buyer is able to open an order dispute after order completion?

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no! I just read some seller experience, it makes me worried, I

should prepare me mentally, what should I do if it happens to me?

Thanks for your Reply

Like I’ve said, if you haven’t done anything wrong, don’t worry about it.

I would go over the Fiverr ToS just as a refresher so you know what some of the things are that can get you a warning from Fiverr are.

As for Buyers, there are some that will be difficult to work with.

They exist.

Just do your best, follow the Fiverr rules and you’ll be fine.

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Buyer can open dispute at any time in the future forever.

If you offer unlimited revisions, if you offer money back guarantee if you offer free lifetime support, if you deliver something that was not as per your gig description, if you failed to deliver complete order, buyer will get his money back.

If you deliver as per gig description, if you keep order communication clean fluent and précised, if you make your mandatory requirements clean, if you deliver properly you can fight back and keep your money.

But, yes buyer can accept delivery and return at any time and ask for revision of refund. in that case it depends on your gig settings, but you usually offer revision under fee, or refund if he provides evidence you did not deliver as per description.

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On 3/10/2021 at 10:33 PM, looseink said:

Sounds to me that you are leaving out some details.

Why do you think a Buyer will open a dispute against you?

The same has happened to me. The buyer is blackmailing me. He is asking me to pay him PKR on his personal bank account or else he is cancelling the order. He is not giving me any reasons but asking me to cancel the order. when I asked why do you want to cancel the order, he said that If you send me money on my personal bank accoun I will not cancel the order. I asked for help from support, but I am paranoid cos I have heard Fiverr always favour the buyers.

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