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Fiverr took my money and I need help


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I read your comment and really need help. I connected my local bank account to Fiverr to withdraw funds. It has been working well. But last month I closed the account and forgot to update Fiverr with my new bank account. My old bank account can’t receive any funds as I checked with the bank, and the bank said that the funds will return to Fiverr.

But the funds did not come back to my account, and when I reached out to Fiverr’s Zendest, they replied talking about Payoneer, which I don’t even have. I think they are using a bot to reply to tickets. It’s a big amount so I don’t know what to do. I either need their number or I need a way to sue them which is why I landed on this site.

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Only customer support can help you with issues, not us.

However, bank transfers are also made via Payoneer, just like the Fiverr revenue card. So the customer support person is right. You should have changed the bank information yourself. Fiverr just sent it where you wanted it to, once you pressed the button.

This is pretty much out of Fiverr’s hands. I would suggest you go to Payoneer and let them know, Fiverr already did what you said, to transfer the money to your account. If that’s the wrong account… it’s not their fault.

If funds return anywhere, they should go to Payoneer, not to Fiverr.

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