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Improve my gig: Custom Hold Music + VO


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Jaytriana: I will compose unique, original hold music with male or female...

For only $100, Jaytriana will compose unique, original hold music with male or female voiceover. | I am a music producer/composer with more than 10 years of audio and composition experience. My associate has more than 15 years of vocal experience |...

Hey, I think that I have a pretty original idea overall since I can’t find similar gigs, but that also means I have nothing to draw inspiration from.

It’s for custom hold music + VoiceOver. I just want to know what you all think could be better about the overall presentation?

Thanks in advance for your time

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Honestly, your gig looks excellent regarding qualifications/presentation.
One reason why you may not be receiving buyers is because of the title and exact offering. Although combining music with a voiceover is a unique concept, I would consider making two or more separate gigs (voiceover [one for female and one for male], music composition, etc.). This will not only help you create a more specific title that potential buyers are more likely to search, but also create more potential ways for buyers to find your profile on search.
Another issue may be that buyers who are needing hold music are not looking for sellers on Fiverr because this is such a unique service. I would recommend creating a couple more gigs offering voiceovers/music composing in more popular areas (take a look at the competition in your category), so you can attract more potential buyers. Then, they may look at your hold music gig and order from there. Also, if you have social media with a potentially interested audience, you could share your gig there.
Also, this may just be a personal preference, but I noticed that you mentioned that you also use a female voice. However, there is nothing else about her on the profile. Because she plays such a large role in your gigs, maybe you could find a way to talk more about her (briefly mention her in the profile description, add a picture of her in the gig, etc.)?
Hopefully this helps!

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I too am a Reason user of 12+ years

I have to say the Demo is just far too quiet by 6-12dB. Maybe that is what it needs to be for a phone (seeing I have never done on-hold VO or music) but it is not fit for purpose here which rather undoes your feeling of being great at the work.

There are also echoing Pops and Ticks all over the place. Maybe these are meant as watermarks but for display work, you just shouldn’t do that either a) that way or b) at all.

Is the voice-over a real person or a bot? Not that it matters to some but to others it will. Say nothing if it is a bot. But if not, I think to make it clear that this is not a bot but a babe (for alliterative purposes only) to set yourself above all the people selling “Pro” voice-over work whilst using online bots (the opposite of the term professional). this helps justify your premium pricing - even tho I know that it probably too low for the work put in.


p.s. I’d love to hear the company that put Skinny Puppy-style Industrial rock in for on-hold music. Maybe you’d like to license this for a Dentist LOL


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@eliiclaire Hey thanks, I’m not really interested in developing just the voiceover gig and neither is my wife (yes that is my “business partner” lol). I might just do one for the music only though, I definitely can get what you are saying, its just that I have a very solid idea in my mind for what I want this to grow into.

However, it is definitely a good idea to get a nice picture of her if only to prove I’m not using a voice synthesizer or anything.


Yes I know the music sounds weird, this is in fact mixed for the phone already. The phone system usually applied very heavy compression and this was a trial and error result.

Would you say that its better for it to sound good on Fiverr (the original mix without trialing and erroring on an actual phone system) or to display an actual finished product? I don’t hear any echoes or pops, maybe youre referring to the percussion lol, I put some “bongos” in there.

As for the pricing, yes its low for the service but I would do it for free just for the experience right now for the right customer. I really just want to get some actual gigs so that I can get some reviews, but I’m afraid if priced too low people will think I’m a hack.

p.s. I’d love to hear the company that put Skinny Puppy-style Industrial rock in for on-hold music. Maybe you’d like to license this for a Dentist LOL

haha yes dude. I have a friend and we work together on tracks as well and his production influence his basically that, hes a huge Skinny Puppy fan among other more obscure stuff.

I’m overall very inspired by some of these 80s japanese composers who were commissioned to make custom music for department stores, which kind of opened my eyes that commercial music doesnt have to be cheap soulless muzak like today

I really think that you can make almost anything into hold music, keeping into account that your bass frequencies will be totally lost and that the high frequencies will be piercing over the phone, within that spectrum there’s quite a bit of room to experiment.

Thanks to the both of you for informative replies, you’ve helped me think this through more

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Thanks for the reply.

While I am a big fan of some Japanese Composers like Tomita & Kitaro, just take care with the notion that their cultural reference points will marry with ours. being on-hold is a harrowing enough experience already without something that sounds very “alien” and therefore uncomfortable-making. Funny if you want the company to have more issues but the theory behind on-hold music is to soothe those savage beasts.

I understand about phone mixing. i have done games for phone with the limited freq range and almost 25% distortion. I still think make what people hear in the Gig as good as it gets and then if you guarantee compatibility with phones, make that a feature of your Gig (even mention on the image that goes with the demo that this is the (display version).

BTW, pretty well all “music” these days is cheap and soulless, that is the way people want it, lest they become terrified of a feeling.


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