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Biggest Revenue in Fiverr currently?


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Around approximately 300.000 USD for long term project with milestones.

Source? (20 characters)

Well, I did not know you will get involved here.

Source: https://www.random.org/

My point was what benefit does one get with knowing this information? And why would someone share it here, to achieve what?

What does he get by knowing you made in single project 2-year salary?

So, since there is no value in knowing the actual number, any number will do.

Plus I used decimal point not comma so anything goes.

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I am far from being a top seller but two years ago I had my best year on Fiverr.

At the time, I was making between $750 and $1,100 USD per month.

I’m lucky if I see that in a year now…however, I just use Fiverr for a part-time income as I have contract work that is non-Fiverr I’ve had long before I came here to find extra work.

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