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I'm working 19hours but no get order Why?

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I had a little look at your profile and your gigs. Here’s some honest thoughts;

1 - Both of your gigs are in the Short Video Ads category, which is the wrong category. The traffic going to that category is generally business traffic looking to have video advertisements created, not dance music videos, so it’s not surprising that you’re not converting. It would be like opening a Steak Barbecue restaurant in a town where you know that 95% of the population are vegetarians. Have a browse on Fiverr for a better, more suitable category. I just looked, and there definitely are some!

2 - For a gig like yours, presentation is everything, and I don’t think your presentation is good enough. If I was going to hire someone offering your service, the ONLY thing I care about is how good your videos look. The videos you’re using if I’m being totally honest, feel a little bit slapdash. Like you guys were just filming some rehearsals and thought “yeah, that’s good enough”. I totally get that you can’t necessarily afford to go out on location with an expensive film setup etc, but people watching those videos are going to be judging the quality, to decide whether they want to invest in your service. The photos that you’ve used are just stock images of dancers - why no professional photos of you and your team? I didn’t feel like your gigs really ‘sold’ your service enough.

3 - Your gigs also don’t really tell anyone what the process is of using your service, or how it works. I guess your target audience might be musicians who want their music to go viral right? So how would a musician order from you? What information do you need from them? Are there any particular styles of music that you can work with really well, or likewise others that you wouldn’t accept?

4 - Keep in mind, Fiverr is increasingly becoming a business platform. I don’t really think that there’s a huge business demand for your service. That doesn’t mean you can’t make any sales, but you need to set your expectations - you probably won’t make the volume of sales that someone offering a business-focused service would be making here.

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Well firstly as you have been told many times, staying active online either on Fiverr or in the Forum DOES NOT bring you business. This is a silly, silly idea that you (and many others) need to let go of.

You get customers when those people like what they see in your gig either through finding it as a result of a Search or you responding to a BR. There is nothing else.

This means that you need to make a very attractive Gig that will draw in the people you need.

As a Mix Engineer & Composer I can see how some Pop or Hip Hop acts may want some dancing for a video but I also know that most are completely unwilling to a) spend any money or b) even make a video for their songs (working on the false assumption that being on Spotifry will magically make them into Drake).

As for your gig itself, I think you need to offer something a little more sophisticated as what I saw did not really make itself attractive enough for someone to want to buy as a novelty, let alone be able to fit into a Gangsta video of their own (probably not very) bangin’ choon.


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