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Be true to yourself


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For 6 months, I have been trying to get customers on fiverr through a popular category. I think it was the beginning of the year and I was very close to giving up. This is not an article I will tell about my own success story. Because I still haven’t achieved my goal. But I can talk about the constant customers I have right now and how I maintain regular flow.

  • This may sound strange, but you should never say “yes that’s enough” for your works. Be open to improvement. But at some point you have to find yourself adequate and trust what you do.

  • Charge a fair price for your work, no matter how much you need it. If you’re good and you know that, a $5 can make you look different in the eyes of your client. If you are not confident enough and set a high price, this will put pressure on you.

  • Whatever job you do, follow the trends. This will always make you look more innovative.

  • Be humble and be true to yourself. Just being online won’t make you different from others. Sometimes you can use your energy to be quality and turn it into something physical. It’s not all about tricks.

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This is Awesome. Thanks for sharing!

What advice did you have for new sellers like me that’s struggle to get their first sales.?

I think it is most important to be active within the site. I’m not just talking about being online. To use all advertising resources and to make the continuous gigs organized and impressive at first glance. Customers want to see what you claim in the title on the cover.

At the same time, add potential buyers to your social life. Try to make redirects to Fiverr on different platforms. Do not forget that people who will buy services from you with just a few information as you wish may also be affected by the work of other people. You have to highlight what makes you different.

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