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Customer requests changes a few days after the order was completed automatically


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A client contacted me and we agreed on a price. The communication after that was not very good, since it took him almost 24 hours to answer my questions. After delivering the work within the time limit, the order was completed automatically and a couple of days later it asked me to make changes to almost the entire order.

Is that legal? Am I required to make such changes? Can the client affect me in any way? Does Fiver have a tool so that this type of client does not demand things out of date?

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Here’s what I would do.

It’s up to you what you would do.

I’d tell the Buyer that the order has been automatically completed so it is now too late for changes.

However, if the Buyer still want you to do the “new” work, I would explain that this would be a new order.

You can offer to provide a Custom Offer at a discounted price, if you so desire.

Yes, the Buyer may not want to go for the new order, but quite honestly, it’s too late unless your Gig states “unlimited revisions.”

If your Gig says unlimited revisions, you’re stuck.

You’ll have to do revisions as long as the Buyer requests them and do them for no extra money.

I hope this helps.

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