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Gig Questions Suggestion

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In my case, I need to add a new question at the very top. If I add a question, it will go to the bottom. In order for me to add a question to the top, I should delete all of the questions, then add the 1 question and finally add all of the questions I just deleted again.

My suggestion is to make the questions movable, so you can drag them around and change their position.

screenshot_69638×787 109 KB

@mjensen415 Thank you, if you notice this, and make my dream come true.

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Hello, @insects44, long time no see! 👋

I agree. I had the same issue when I was updating my FAQs last week.

Edit: I changed my typo. Thanks @enunciator.

@vickiespencer, I’ve made a mistake with releasing this topic:


Gig from first to last page, Search Algorithm Problem - HERE IS WHAT WORKED FOR ME!

I made a lot of disturbtion in the forum, and I felt like its not my place there. But now, I spotted something I could share without harming or disturbing anyone, so I shared it.

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