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How to rank & improve my gig?


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How to rank my gig? I can’t find my gig on the search list.

  1. Try to active all time
  • If you want you can spend more time on fiverr forum. This will make it easier for you to stay online at fiverr.
  1. Share your gig on social media it’s help more reach.
  2. Research your gig keyword.
  3. Most important gig SEO

Best of luck 😃

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#1 don’t listen to the “advice” above as it is completely wrong - proven wrong over and over - but people who still want to believe that myth keep pumping it back into the world rather than doing th real work needed to succeed.

Assuming that your Gig is Active (able to be seen), Rank is not a static thing. It is a lot like Google: where a Gig shows is based on many factors like:

  • Search Term - if the customer typed in “fish”, they don’t want to see Gigs for WordPress. This is where keywords relevant to your gig and people who would buy it (note this is not everyone) inserted in the gig become helpful.
  • Success of Seller - it is assumed that the customer wants a more successful seller, so sellers with better sales & ratings etc tend to drift higher. Sellers with poor sales & ratings, tend to drift lower.
  • Gig Rotation - gigs get rotated using some sort of process that allows a mix of established and newer sellers to be exposed to customer enquiry. We all win-suffer with it so when it is your turn to be “down” use that time to consolidate your Gig Strategy (see below).

Just like at Google, the aim of the Fiverr Algo is to help match buyers with relevant sellers. If your Gig is not relevant to anyone for whatever reason, it will not show very often (Impressions). If your Gig gets Impressions but no Clicks then the Title & Image may be not well suited to your customers (too many of these are vague and look like an explosion in a spew factory).

If you get plenty of Clicks but no Sales, this indicates that you are not finding the right Buyers. This may be that simply the people finding your Gig are not your type of Buyer or that you Gig itself has problems that scare people away. This is hard as if you do no know who your buyer is likely to be you will probably not now what should/should not be on your page to please them. Too many people fail from never doing this Strategy work - which I admit is not always easy.


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