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My Gig doesn't appearing in Search


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I had a similar issue with my Gig going from being on the first page to disappearing completely. However, the difference with your case is it happened after I made changes within my gig. But it came back on the first page again yesterday after approximately 4 days. Within that time I kept checking my Gig performance statistics. Here’s a rough timeline to give some insight in how long Fiverr takes to review & update a Gig. Of course, it’s not universally applicable but it might help you regarding expectations:

February 20th: Updated gig tags, gallery photos and gallery video.
February 21st: Metadata updated
February 25th: Metadata updated once more
March 1st: Metadata updated again
March 3rd: I saw my Gig on the first page again

My take away from this is that Fiverr (or the automated process behind Fiverr) reviews Gig changes not all at once, but step by step. In between these steps I did get some impressions, which shows Fiverr did allow my gig back into Search but I sort of had to start back at the ‘line’ of search pages.

In short I’d say be patient and keep checking your statistics, although from personal experience I know how frustrating it can be haha but hang in there 😁 if it still doesn’t show up in search after a considerable time, of course just contact customer support to figure out what’s going on.

I hope this helped a bit, good luck and hopefully your gig will show up soon!

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