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Possible problem with messages/order messages


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I received my first order, and all seemed going smoothly until this evening I received an email that I have not reviewed the order requirements yet. I have several times looked at the buyer’s “order requirements” message that simply asked what I need from them. Is there some formal way to check off that I have reviewed the order requirements?
Also, I sent two longish messages today to the buyer through the order top menu, but I now have reason to believe they were not received. Tonight I copied and pasted them into the Messages top menu to the buyer. I won’t know until tomorrow if the messages were received.
Is there special way to communicate with the buyer. It all seemed so straight-forward, until now.
Hope there is no problem with that. I have a 2-day deadline to my 1st milestone, so I need to quickly make sure I understand how to message each other back and forth to accomplish our goal.

Does the above make sense, or am I missing something?

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