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First order money came out of pending clearance ? ?

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Hello Fiverr community I’m happy to let you I’ve just received my first payment from my first Fiverr order, I’m thankful for every member who helped me during this process from the, I’ve got so many help and enlightenment in the forum from many members, I’m really thankful for every single one, who helped me or just wanted to do so, really can’t emphases enough how good it is to get help from actual successful sellers, I will share with you my experience which may help you to!

I’ve read so many posts and saw many videos and “online gurus” but will let you know what actually worked with me (maybe your case will be different)

I’ve created my Fiverr account on 15th of Dec 2020, and so as my first Gig, tried to make it good as much as possible huge thank to the amazing woman @imagination7413 who advised me not to sell my services for free (5$ they certainly higher than this) and even if I will make a discount it be through custom offer not to offer it before even negotiation, also told me to take out 100% money back guarantee, which I implemented.

I was getting impressions but not much clicks, 0 messages, until 13th of Feb I created extra 5 gigs which makes me with 6 different gigs by the time, 1 day later I’ve got my first message, wasn’t related to any gig so I was suspicious, I thought it was a scammer, 3 days later it was my first buyer, which will become my return buyers shortly after.

I have tried to “stay online” as much as possible, really didn’t help me at all I got the message from the buyer when I was asleep and offline and 3 hours away!
Most important thing in my opinion is to exist, to be there, when I made the 5 gigs and now completed them to the max, I didn’t optimize the thumpnails not everything was good, actually until now I need to make them appealing, I didn’t put much time into them, but I existed I let buyers know I can offer these stuff, I’ve got 2 other messages later on which were from protentional buyers from gigs with the worst pictures as thumpnail, just exist and if you want to success make it appealing.

I couldn’t get in touch with anyone from buyer request, I’ve sent 14 of them in the last 2 months if it worked with you please share your story

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