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How to do gig marketing properly?


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Gig marketing is very important for fiverr seller. Here I am gonna share my experience.
There are two ways for gig marketing. One is paid marketing and another one is free marketing.

Free Marketing

Try to figure out best keyword for your gigs. Always try to find Relevant keyword with low services and high demand. There is a debating point in keyword research that is some people say short tail keyword is good some people go for long tail keyword. In this case, I would emphasis on specific keywords, it may be long tail keyword but it is better option for new seller.

socail media
You can bring traffic to your gig from socail media. There are a plenty of groups on facebook where you can share gigs. Twitter, pinterest are also goog option to share your gigs. But please avoid spamming while sharing your gigs. If you just randomly share your gig in everywhere that will be never be a wise decision. Share your gig on relevant with a good explanation about your service.

start writing blog
You can start writing blog about your service.

You can make video about your service, in this case you can make some tutorial type videos then offer viewers to get premium service from gig.

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