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New seller here, what should I do to have a better sales conversion rate


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It has been more than two months since I actively started putting up gigs on Fiverr. I have a total of four gigs. Of the 531 impressions I have had on my gigs, I have had only 10 clicks. That’s about 1.88% of impressions that resulted in clicks. Of those clicks, only 1 resulted in an order (which was through a buyer’s request). That is only a 10% sales conversion rate. Is this normal? It doesn’t look like it should be, especially since there have been posts in the forums by new sellers about receiving orders quickly.

I have been actively following the buyer’s requests section (with 11 being sent out so far that had something to do with my gigs). I also got a 5-star review on the sale that I made.

I have been following the advice on the forums by other sellers about buyer requests (do not send out offers unrelated to a buyer’s request, keep the buyer’s needs in mind and see how the gig can be aligned with the buyer’s needs, using professional and courteous language, avoiding grammatical errors, avoiding technical jargon that the buyer may not follow, and so on).

I have followed Fiverr’s TOS every step of the way, including their guidance on maintaining a gig gallery (Gig images and PDFs). I have also added addendums for my gigs in the gig gallery to make it clear to prospective buyers as to what they can expect from my services, what my expectations are and what I can do for them.

I do not post my gigs on social media. I like to keep my personal and professional life separate and do not think that posting gigs on social media is the right way to build my Freelancing career.


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