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Pro application website bug?



I am having a hard time applying for the Fiverr Pro…
Maybe I am missing something, but I am not 100% sure.
I have successfully finished and uploaded the ‘Application Form’ Part.
But on the ‘Supporting Documents & Materials,’ i do not see any upload button.
One more thing that I noticed is that there are some issues with the Account settings page…
Where I can not edit my first & last name fields (only first name is filed: Unknown), but once clicking saves, I get that the Last Name field is required.

Fiverr, please fix it…
Hoping that this will not affect my pro application, thanks 😃
I wanted to upload some screenshots , but I am a new user on the forum, so not possible 😕

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I read somewhere on this forum that Fiverr was not accepting applications for Pros any longer as they have an overabundance.

That is not fair… I have mine account since 2012 and i started selling last year, and in the niche i sell there is not any pro sellers 😑

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