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What is the effect of late delivery on the seller's end?


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I have been on fiverr for almost 2 months now. There is this buyer that has been giving problem for the last 2 weeks now, I have helped him to provide what we agreed upon. When I wanted to deliver to him he was not for almost 3 - 4 day so I made the delivery when it got to some hours for the project to delivered automatically he came online. And asked for modification and I modified what he asked me to modified by the time I want to re-deliver the modification. I discovered that he was only online the moment he wanted to modify. He has requested for modification for almost 5 times now and he’s not the type that always come online. The last 2 modifications he requested for he told to wait for him send me contents and he went offline without sending anything. And I requested him to accept the delivery time duration proposal he refuses to accept it. Now fiverr has been giving me warning about the late delivery.

Please, experienced ones what should I do? I really need help

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