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Shortcut of Success

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Because they view Fiverr as a get rich quick scheme.

They look at the success others are having and immediately assume that they’ll have that same success from day 1. When that doesn’t happen, they think they’re doing something wrong or they complain about the system. More often than not, they quit.

Sometimes it’s because someone has told them that they can easily make money on Fiverr. I’ll never forget the people that came here from a Facebook group being run by a “Fiverr Guru”.

The “top tip” to generate sales was to ask people on the forum how to make money and use the site.

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There are thousands of new sellers are joining everyday in Fiverr (obviously they are welcome) and why most of them only looking for the shortcuts of success? Any answers from Legends?

Any answers from Legends?

Legends? I know of non-rated, Level One, Two, Top Rated, and Pro sellers, but I’d guess a “Legend” ranking overshadows them all!

I personally don’t know of any “legendary” seller, but I would assume they are much too busy doing legendary things to have the time to post on the forum. 😉

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