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I had used Fiverr some years ago three or four times and everything went well. Now I came back here and I see huge positive changes at the UI of the site and its new features made by the administrators. This is the positive side but unfortunately there are more and more sellers that don’t behave as before and some reviews about them are misleading. Just some examples

  1. I was choosing the sellers by reputation until I discovered that a lot of reviews are repeated
  2. sellers that say “I will check” when I send the first draft and don’t give any positive or negative feedback
  3. very simple questions are not answered
  4. sellers that send you a delivery that is not technically correct and they (he) says that is not feasible (I am a “programmer by googling” and in few hours after searching I was able to do what he said it was not possible)
  5. one seller said to me that for “drag and resize a chart” inside a Usercontrol he needed one and half month of effective work. A complete absurd as any skilled programmer can confirm.
    But the worst is what I am experiencing now with an order in progress. The most natural is that the conversation between me and the seller will be “sent” to CS to see how bad a seller can be.
    It would be tedious to describe the whole dialog (or lack of it) and also because one of his bad conducts can have legal consequences. I am completely blind about what he is doing but even he delivers what I am expecting that does not pardon his behavior.
    In short, I see here a lot of concerns by sellers but it is important they know that there are coleagues that give a bad image of Fiverr so I understand quite well why the site administrators are rigid about your conducts.
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