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My gig is dropping down

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Hi everyone! I need your help!! I lost my gig rank. I edit my gig and the next day I found it on the last page. Can you help me? here is my gig, let me know what am I doing wrong or what I should do,
Thank you! Here my gig link.

favicon-32x32.png.c1adaf2487ccbda3ce18bd0926a73e97.png Fiverr.com

Asadali_gfx: I will do logo redesign, remake, edit, revamp, update, redo...

For only $5, Asadali_gfx will do logo redesign, remake, edit, revamp, update, redo resize and vectorise. | Hey There,Welcome to my gig,Respected buyer! Are you looking for an experienced and talented Graphics designer to update your logo??You can be...

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