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VID Fiverr Buyer review should be recognizable from others

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Make VID Fiverr buyer’s appear on the review system somehow. It adds value to see and read a review from a VID Fiverr Buyer on your seller profile.

Edit: I have regulars who are VID Fiverr buyers.

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I’ve had very mixed experiences with VID buyers - to the point that I’m actually very cautious to work with them. I’ve turned down a few in recent months based on the wording of their approach to me.

Rather than all of them be professional and courteous, as you might expect from such a grand (and totally ridiculous) title, I would say overall I’ve experienced some quite discourteous people with very poor communication.

I’m not saying that all VID buyers are poor - but just because they buy a lot of gigs, doesn’t mean they are good to work with!

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