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Rapid Response From CS. KUDOS!


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We always hear the horror stories of Fiverr not answering in a timely manner. Some as never, some as in a few days, maybe a couple of days. With the pandemic, it was up to 10 days for a response, which hurt many sellers in the end, I am sure.

However, KUDOS and BRAVO to Fiverr CS this evening. I had another client who ordered my gig, requesting I do some academic work. This, in spite of my saying on my gig, I do not offer this service. I wrote to Fiverr about 30 minutes ago, and about 10 minutes ago, I get a message that Fiverr canceled the order.

I am not a TRS, so that’s not it! CS was just on top of it today! AWESOME JOB!

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Like you I’ve only ever had a positive experience of customer support.

Call me a cynic, but those who moan in the forum about poor service, tend to struggle with communication - writing very long posts in bad English.

Even after reading such posts you’re left wondering what they’re trying to say.

I’ve said it many times, while I applaud opportunities for all, you’ve got to be able to communicate well in order to be successful on Fiverr.

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