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I am new to fiverr. I need a good friend

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hello there,
I am sajib biswas. I am from bangladesh. I am new to fiverr. so everyone,how are you. i am so excited to be starting my dreams journey on fiverr. I am a creative digital marketer and I am looking forward to meeting new people.thank you everyone

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As a new member hope the following tips help you to be successful. 🤞

How to improve Gig Impressions to the Clients? Gig videos is very helpful to enhance the Gig impression.If you are new in Fiverr then try to follow the level 1 or 2 seller Gigs to generate ideas but never fully copied their Gigs.Initially create 4 to Five Gigs and observe the impression rate regularly.Try to make diverse Gigs in your areas that create clients.Always try to response the client’s messages very carefully and professionally.Never tell clients to give you good review.Lastly, …
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