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My Fiverr experience with buyer


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Hello Fiverr,

I’m Kenil Savaliya, Freelancer on fiverr kenil_savaliya. My Buyer, wants refund after accepting my delivery. I’ve shared file with buyer after they satisfied with my work, approved my order. Now he is expecting full refund from my side.

I had already provided satisfactory work, also approved from buyer, after that he was needed small revision (which is not included in offer).

FIverr, can you please help me with the situation?

Thank you.

Kenil Savaliya.

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The Fiverr forum is made up of other sellers and a few buyers. Please contact customer service at support@fiverr.com for help with your issue.

Also, it is against Forum rules to name and shame. In other words, you need to use the pencil to remove the buyer’s name. Also, this post is not a tip for sellers it is a question. Please change the category of your post to something more appropriate like “My Fiverr Experience.”

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