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New Here, No Portfolio I need Help!


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Hello, Im new here but I’ve been retouching pictures for 10 years. My clients rather remain private so now I find myself with no portfolio to show on here and I was wondering if I could use unedited stock images or something from google and edit it to use it as my portfolio or that goes against the rules.


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Fiverr Terms of Service:

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Thank you that’s very useful but I rather not use my own image either.

I am a Mix Engineer & Musician. I have to show what I have done, that means working with others. Working with others is part of the job.

If you cannot get images to work on, there is a part of the job you are neglecting.

If you are unwilling to walk outside and take a photo of a flower, a dog, a soldier shooting that dog whilst a flower sticks out of the barrel of his gun… It is hard to suggest what you can do seeing you seem only to want to show faux work. You will notice I rarely show that sort of work for any reason, never in my portfolio as it never rings true.

I will show work with other acts or films first. I will show things I did for competitions or from open-projects seconds. I will still show my own work where it is relevant. If someone cannot see my skills & style from that, they are not worth working for.


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