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Buyer is waiting for response for 100+ days on completed order


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Hi sellers, I was just scrolling through completed orders on my account. I noticed that on some orders where the client was the last one to send a message, they have in the typical scary bright red letters “_____ is waiting for a response for: 108 days”

There are a few, some 70 days, some over 100.

I know these notifications typically show for open orders on the dashboard. But any idea on these completed orders? Could this be hurting my ranking at all? (Been going through the random move-to-last-page-of-results issue this week that other sellers have noted on Fiverr periodically). So in digging through my profile with a fine toothed comb to look for what may be hurting me, I noticed these.

Any idea if these hanging non-responses can affect me negatively on completed orders?

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I don’t have any of these as I am ALWAYS sure to “get the last word in” on any communication in my Inbox.

Even if all I say is “Thank you” or “Good luck.”

I always try to also! I just happened to find a couple stragglers today.

Screen Shot 2021-02-27 at 12.38.03 PM2478×184 36.7 KB
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