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My gigs died after I edited them


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Hello Fiverr community! I’d like to tell about the situation which happened to me 2 months ago and as a result now all of my gigs are dead.
All started when I was about to gain a new level (level 1). I’ve decided to lift my prices up and edit gigs description to make it to be better and more clear. So I did 2 weeks later after reaching 1st level.
It’s important to say that before I touched anything in my gigs I was receiving 2-3 messages daily from new buyers. Now it’s hardly to even get a single one in 5 days. All the gigs together were giving me 2-3k impressions each week. But right ater I made changes to gigs, my profile literally died. Impressions have gone from 3k to 600-700. I started trying to get out of this abyss by responding to buyer requests. I’ve recieved a few orders from there but it didn’t help too much. I also have a regular buyer and even after getting a couple of 5 star reviews from him my stats didn’t move up even a bit! My main gig, which is the one which stays alive somehow yet, has 22 reviews now, the amount of daily impressions is 30-70. Yes, this seems to be stats for gig which rather has less than 5 reviews, but not 20+. Another gig I’ve had selling well was also doing ok before I made changes to it. At its great times amount of impressions could reach 200-300 daily, but now… it has 106 impressions for the last 7 days!
I already tried to change tags which actually helped my main gig to get 500-600 impressions but just for 2 days.
I just feel stuck with this, I’ve no idea what to do, it feels if I would create a new account my gigs would have better stats, lol :D.
Hope to get any suggestions, each advice will be appreciated! Thanks for reading this post!

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I change my Gigs frequently.

Each time I do they dip in numbers as Fiverr approves the changes.

Then they eventually get back on track.

Yours will, too.

Don’t panic.

It’s part of how the system works.

Well, if it takes this much then ok, I thought it should be a few weeks, but not months 😅

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me to i have this problem i have in 7 days 6000 imprestion but today i have just 15 imp/day  total (6 gigs) ...
and after 5 months   ... i make other gigs and just 15 imprestion too ..so my account is death 
this problem after be seller lvl 1 and make pause for 2 days ( exames) and today i think i need Another account ....🙃
fiverr is my alone job 


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