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Am new here.. Am a digital marketer. Any tips for me....?


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Since you asked so nicely for advice, here is a link to a discussion that I started. I give specific steps I took to become a Top Rated Seller. I hope you find it helpful. There is no magic algorithm to uncover.

Since this post I am passed $60,000

@mrssingmeasong the first goal was to make $20 a day, then $30 up to $200 a day. Yesterday was $400. I realized soon that working myself to death for $10 was not going to get me to $200 a day. I had a mindset that people were paying me for me to gain experience and to get solid reviews. I knew that was the key to Fiverr. I was working on other platforms to earn a little income. When the time was right about a year into it, I raised my prices to $25. The business didn’t stop it just changed to…
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