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I'm waiting for job


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I despair.

16 mins ago I point out how this be active thing is garbage.

11 mins ago you acknowledge this.

8 mins ago, you offer the same wrong advice to another.

Is there some sort of secret Delluminati that is working to make the world less sane?



I knew someone would have suggested the online thing, and I knew you would have replied.

Just came to read your post. funny stuff 😛

we just discussed this on the other thread guys. Let me link your post here.

I agree on the questionability of his future, despite appearing to be a suit-wearing person, he has gone on to post this stay online garbage even after I just pointed out it is total BS. One of his running mates seems proud of this activity to be sharing BS. It seems that there is indeed a whole other game being played here that you and I are apparently not part of. Happy for that to be the case, but like bikies selling poppers, I wish they would keep their messed-up world to the shadows and n…
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