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I did,nt receive any order yet,


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You might want to be a bit more patient as many haven’t gotten a job for a year. I am yet to do business with anyone who has contact me from my Gigs. The 11 sales I have, I have chased.

Also, please put some time into reading more broadly in the Forum as these Q are answered many times over - often every day. If you are quiet, you have time to find the wise answers (and avoid the dumb ones).


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i did not receive any order yet, i have started fiverrr a week ago but i did not receive any orfder yet, help me to make a chance of ordering.🙂

i have started fiverrr a week ago

It has been a week you are here

and I would say try our best there would orders coming soon…

Meanwhile try to update keywords metadata…

This type of article can help you…

Best of luck.

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