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Gig is not showing online list


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I hope you are searching the right keyword regarding your services!

When you are online it may take sometime to filter your gig in the online search!

If you don’t see the gig then you can submit a ticket regarding the topic…

You can see from here if the gig is active.

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If you’re set on searching for your rankings you can do so using incognito mode. Also consider that what I’ve noticed when searching for mine very early on is that:

  1. Your ranking can be effected by location of the user searching for you. If you live in Miami Florida, you may rank higher for potential buyers searching for you that live in Miami Florida. Their ppc campaigns may have some sort of geo location built in.

  2. Your ranking can also be effected by ‘others’ that are online or that may have recently delivered an order. So as an example, if you were in the 12 position, but suddenly you’ve dropped to 24th. It could very simply be because several have delivered or completed orders when you haven’t.

Again, some is speculation because Fiverr obviously doesn’t share their information. When I first started I used to search for my gig obsessively, trying to understand the algorithm. That went on for a good two weeks, when I finally stopped searching all together.

Focus on the things you can control and everything else will work itself out.

Good luck!

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