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Kindly help me , didn't get any orders yet


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Hey you can try reading this

1.) Don’t Steal Gig Text, Bio Text, Images, or Content. Everything that you put on your profile should come directly out of your own mind. If you are cutting and pasting any text in from any sources that are not created by you that is called theft. You are not allowed to just take someone else’s gig text and use it, and when you are caught doing it (and you will be - sellers DO check), your account will be banned from Fiverr and you could get a DMCA takedown notice from your ISP or host dependin…
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Two plagiarism hits, both Fiverr sellers, neither one is you:

image1028×331 26.2 KB

Hits throughout Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, etc. - none of them you.

image1027×334 27.9 KB

I’d start with writing your gigs from scratch and not taking other sellers’ bullet point lists, explanations, etc. When things like poor capitalization, spelling, and grammar are copied over, it’s pretty obvious what’s gone on. That’s plagiarism, and if you’re willing to cheat your way into an order, what does that say about your work ethics on an actual project?

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