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Hiring a freelancer VS Hiring a manager


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I have a one-year-old question that I couldn’t find an answer to; some clients back upon hiring a “freelancer” when he mentions he owns or manages an agency or a studio, and prefer to hire a solo freelancer.

If you have an agency or a studio doesn’t that mean you are more experienced? Isn’t that supposed to give you confidence and make the client comfortable about hiring you?

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Does it really matter?

I’ve been freelancing since 2014.

I have several clients, including contracts in place.

My work is on Fiverr and non-Fiverr (before I joined Fiverr).

I could direct you to my website and social media feeds and tell you I was running an agency.

You’d have no clue if I was or not.

In reality, it’s just me and a computer in a home office I share with my wife.

But I’ll call it an agency, if it makes me sound any more professional.

What I’m getting at is…does it really matter as long as the payments clear?

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